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House Maintenance

We process all types of maintenances work orders like Initial Secure, Initial Services, Final Secure, Securing, Property Condition Report, Bid Approval, Lock Work, Convenience Check, Winterization, Maid Service, Bid Request, Violation orders, Mobile Home Orders, Boarding, Roofing, Flooring, Plumbing, Debris Removal, etc. Our bid expertise make Repair Base or XactPRM Cost Estimator (CE) for your valuable client if required.

Lawn Maintenance

We also process all types of lawn maintenance work order like Initial Grass Cut, Grass Recut, Snow Removal, Trim Trees, Remove Vines, Pool/Hut tub Removal, Exterior Debris Removal, Inspection, etc. We also provide Quality Control & Processing for Inspection Orders at a very cost effective price, quick turnaround & maintain 100% quality assurance as well. We maintain quality first then quantity.


We have some expertise who are well familiar with special types of work order like REO orders, REO-Trash Out, Eviction, Occupancy Check, Re-Keying, Cash for Keys, Deed in Lieu, Legal Notice, Notice Posting, etc. We also do client data storages software management works(PPW, ZVN, etc.) like Generate order, Fill-up PCR, Placed Bids/Completion, Flagged Photos, Create Invoice, Follow up contractor, etc. for our potential client.

Our Aptitude in Vendor Web/Software Platforms

Database & Cost Estimator Software

PPW (Property Pres Wizard)

Field Comm.


Preserve soft

We take pride in all projects, big to small. From processing orders to full back office support, Radiant Preservation is your answer!