About Us

Radiant Preservation is the solution for your Property Preservation work order processing and consulting needs. We offering you the best outsource property preservation work order processing company for US property preservation national clients. We provide services for Property Preservation, REO property maintenance, and Inspections for regional companies and independent contractors from 2012. We specialize in Work Order Processing, Quality Control & Data Entry for Property Preservation companies. We’ve been carrying out preservation processing for several years with our excellent team of processors. Our teams of processors are capable of handling different preservation sites. In case of customized site we will only require a walk through training to get familiarized.

We have been associated with property preservation processing for several years along with identify virtually any edges involving preservation process. We are involved with processing for many National Clients (AFAS, Altisource, Carrington, Cyprexx, First Allegiance, Five Brothers, M&M, MCS, MSI, NFN, NFR, Safeguard(REO, P&P), Send Castle, LPS, Aim Your Way, Corelogic, Service Link, Asset Shield, Single Source, ZVN etc.), Contractor Application (PPW, Field comm, Pruvan, Drop Box, UPAM etc.) and Cost Estimator (XactPRM, Repair Base, Quick Book, etc.). We are here 24/7 to provide you a high quality work with the best affordable price. You can minimize your processing cost up to approx. 40% compared to your current cost.

We have an expert processing team who can handle monthly 6K work orders. So if you need a healthy volume of work order to process we are here to support you. We emphasis upon our clients complete satisfaction therefore we concentrate on providing quality processing on the appropriate schedule.