We offer the following Property Preservation Services:

We do work order processing, quality control & data Entry for property preservation companies. We process orders’ Completion, Bids, Invoices, Inspections and Quality Assurance for most of the National & Regional Mortgage Field Service companies across USA.

• Downloading the photos from the Website or FTP
• Uploading, rearranging & Labeling the Photos as per the Work Order
• Labeling Before, During & After Grass cut photos, Bid & other photos
• Creating & Adding BIDS as per the Vendor notes & Photos
• Using Cost Estimator / Repair Base to calculate bid amounts
• Invoicing according to your price sheets (If you do not have the price sheets then we follow the standard price sheets)
• Perform Per Bids
• Preservation Orders: Initial Secures, Additional Work Request, Conveyance Conditions, Sales Clean, Securing, Deed-In lieu, Eviction, Inspection Orders, Winterization, Bid Approval, Grass cut, Snow Removal, etc.
• Creating & Uploading Reports
• Upload property inspection form if you prefer us to do.